Get Dazzling Look with Jewellery by L’Dezen

Jewellery by L'dezen

        Jewellery by L’dezen

Stylish jewellery is made of different types of materials like diamonds, sliver, white gold and many more. Semi-precious stones such as rhinestones, cubic zirconia diamonds are set in gold plated metals, nickel and brass to form beautiful ornaments. AtMayFair is online stores that offer jewellery by L’dezen of different designs and patterns at attractive rates. L’Dezen is usually a dynamic Jewellery Designer whose unique designs appeal to help wide septum involving of Jewellery lovers worldwide.

Jewellery by L’Dezen is a  international women Jewellery brand that offers 18K gold diamond hand made jewellery products created with house in Shun De, China. The materials used such as slice, rose-cuts and fancy colored diamonds, it has a good small variety   involving  inventories making it a niche product . L’Dezen Jewellery  collection comprised of varying fine jewellery styles, from statement necklaces, cocktail and fashionable rings, chandelier and stud earrings by L’Dezen, extravagant bracelets and bangles to simple pendants. Stride in style and change your entire look with Jewellery by L’Dezen. L’Dezen Jewellery collections are signified using distinctive styles:

Four types of Women Jewellery Collection  by L’Dezen

Fierce by L'Dezen

          Fierce by L’Dezen

The Fierce collection: The dare to rare perception.The Fierce by L’Dezen is our most elaborate collection creating animal print patterns from rose cuts and slice diamonds with contrasting colors. Each diamond piece is outlined in black to give strong graphic elements on the jewellery pieces. It’s all about getting wild, being Fierce!

Violetta Collection by L'Dezen

        Violetta Collection by L’Dezen

The Violetta collection: The feminine perception.The Violetta Collection by L’Dezen is petal pretty. Creating three dimensionally giving the floral and naturalistic designs like flowers, butterflies and paisley patterns in a soft sophisticated structure and giving it a sense of life. Available in rose, yellow and white gold or even mixes of gold, gives this collection endless variety.

Venom Collection by L'Dezen

      Venom Collection by L’Dezen

The Venom Chadonne : The Bold Perception.
The Venom Collection by L’Dezen is all about being solid bold. Each piece is more high-end exclusive and requires the most time and intricacy to manufacture, as most of the pieces are more extravagant compared to other collections giving it an elegant aura.

Puri Di Cuore by L'Dezen

           Puri Di Cuore by L’Dezen

The Puri Di Cuore – The simplistic Perception.
Inspired from one of  favorite architect, Mies Van Der Rohe, creating contemporary jewellery, in a new style that could represent modern times just as Classical and Gothic did for their own eras. Each piece’s design states with extreme clarity and simplicity – Focusing on the diamond setting and craftsmanship. This collection is soothes the day, and rocks the evening – All day, Everyday.

Buy from an exclusive Jewellery at AtMayFair London. They offer a wide range of Fashion Jewellery  by L’Dezen and Designer Costume Jewellery with numbers of designs and styles.


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